Vontive closes $1 billion in real estate financing

SAN FRANCISCO AND SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vontive, the leading integrated mortgage lending platform for investment real estate, today announced that it has funded more than $1.1 billion in investor-owned residential properties. The company has issued $750 million in loans for these properties, and it has a success rate of over 90% taking a mortgage from term sheet to closing.

Borrowers were so thrilled with the experience that a majority made multiple transactions through the Vontive platform. Additionally, since its public launch in April 2022, Vontive has expanded to over 30 B2C brands that serve real estate investors. Its emerging B2C ecosystem now reaches over 1.5 million real estate investors through customer engagement with these brands and social media following.

Vontive allows businesses that serve real estate investors to secure a mortgage on their business. The white-label, no-code solution enables any relevant brand to start a mortgage business and enter the market within weeks, avoiding the regulatory burdens, financial expenses and capital-raising requirements of starting a business. a traditional lender.

“Investment mortgages are a $7 trillion asset class, but they were funded by a fragmented, technology-less lender ecosystem,” said Shreyas Vijaykumar, chief technology officer of Vontive. “Vontive has changed that by developing technology that will standardize products to fund these assets. As evidenced by the enthusiasm we’ve seen to date, giving back to the brands real estate investors trust to distribute mortgages is a winning strategy. »

Why Vontive

Part of Vontive’s appeal is its ability to reduce the cost of starting a mortgage business by over 90% and the time to market from months to weeks. Vontive also removes uncertainty and shortens the time to close a loan, giving real estate investors the confidence they need. Additionally, Vontive standardizes all mortgage details and expands the scope of underwriting, giving financial institutions that provide liquidity for investment property mortgages a complete picture of risk and credit quality assurance. .

“Serving local markets with Vontive’s technology is an incredibly powerful way to get to know real estate investors and meet their financial needs,” said Tim Fazio, head of Certain Lending. “Almost all of our business comes from repeat customers and their referrals. They know us, trust us and keep coming back.

Unique market insight

The Vontive platform also gives a first indication of trends in the US real estate market. Historically, more than half of real estate investments funded by Vontive have been off-market or off-multiple listing services. Investment property information from Vontive suggests that annualized house price appreciation has already moved from high double digits to low single digits. Listing price reductions in data from the Multiple Listings Service appear to support rapidly slowing price appreciation.

“Having built, tested, refined and scaled our technology in stealth mode for so long, we have been thrilled with the public response to our platform since its launch, in a market where real estate investors are getting more $400 billion in mortgages every year,” said Charles McKinney, CEO and co-founder of Vontive. “With Vontive, we apply our market intelligence and transformational technology to help real estate investors stay on track with their strategies so they can have liquidity in the future.”

To learn more about Vontive, please visit https://www.vontive.com.

About Vontive

Founded by credit and technology industry veterans, Vontive created the first integrated mortgage platform for investment real estate. In doing so, it makes it easy for any bank, credit union, real estate technology company, or B2C brand serving real estate investors to launch their own mortgage investment business. Please visit https://www.vontive.com or follow us at linkedin.com/company/vontive.

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