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Here are some of the best stories from last week from NBC 6 News:

Tenants concerned about crime in a luxury apartment building in Fort Lauderdale

Some tenants of a luxury apartment building in Fort Lauderdale are fed up.

They say crime happens almost every day and management is not enough to keep them safe.

“I was missing a few items. I went and saw the Xbox disappear, then went straight to my jewelry, which was all gone,” Parker Newell said.

Newell says he had just moved into the luxury Motif apartments in April and already wants to move. He says he came home from the gym on Wednesday afternoon to find about $15,000 in valuables.

Other residents say there were muggings in the garage, car thefts and an apartment shooting in August.

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A South Florida real estate broker said his legitimate listing was being used by scammers.

South Florida real estate brokers warn against fake rental listings on social media

It sounded like an incredible deal: a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Miami Gardens available to rent for $1,200.

“$1,200 for a 4-bedroom house, we all know that’s impossible here,” said Ana Lorenzo, a South Florida realtor.

Lorenzo, who put the house up for sale, said she became concerned after a woman recently contacted her asking if the house was up for rent.

“I said no, the house is actually for sale,” Lorenzo said. “And she said ‘it’s awkward because I just emailed the owner and he tells me the house is for rent. I don’t know the area so I decided to drop by and just saw your number. “

The woman who contacted Lorenzo didn’t want to go on camera, but told NBC 6 Responds she saw the house for rent on Facebook Marketplace and decided to dig before sending money or filling out the request she had received. Lorenzo said that when she found out what was going on with the photos on her legit list, she decided to do her own research.

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NBC 6’s Sasha Jones has the latest on Mark Block, the owner of a custom window treatment business in South Florida, accused of taking deposits to install custom window treatments and failing to do work.

Contractor Reimburses Homeowners Thousands of Dollars Following NBC 6 Investigations

It’s been years since NBC 6 Responds first told you about Mark Block, the owner of a custom window treatment business in South Florida.

In 2019, three homeowners accused him of taking deposits to install custom window treatments and not doing the work.

In 2021, two additional owners called NBC 6 are responding with similar allegations, including Robert Liguori.

“How many more people have to be victimized before they see this man for what he is,” Liguori told NBC 6.

The contractor was arrested in connection with the Liguori case, but he says that didn’t stop Block.

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The story of Angel Sanchez, a former gangster turned lawyer.

Redemption Story: From South Florida Teen Gang Bang to Lawyer

In a courthouse that has seen so much loss and suffering, a story of hope and redemption: a former gang member thrown in jail for decades is sworn in as a lawyer.

It happened Friday in the same courthouse where 23 years ago Angel Sanchez was sentenced to 30 years in prison for attempted murder and other crimes.

Sanchez was sworn in as an attorney at the Bar of the District of Columbia.

“I can’t believe it. It’s surreal. I actually had to ask at the bar, email. ‘Is that okay?’ Because I was afraid they made a mistake,” Sanchez said.

NBC 6 first told you about Sanchez in 2016, when he was an honors student and legal intern.

Sanchez’s rap sheet began when he was just 11 years old and ended at 17 when he was given that 30-year sentence.

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This hidden sanctuary helps visitors reconnect with nature in Redland

South Floridians don’t need to board a plane to see lush gardens, awe-inspiring vistas, Asian-inspired architecture, and historic structures, when this hidden tropical oasis exists in their backyard.

As soon as you enter the field of Patch of Heaven Shrine located on 20 acres of protected forest in Redland, you are transformed into a world of greenery and serenity.

The hidden oasis features 11 acres of protected forest and historic structures built by the Matheson family in 1964. The family also built several structures on the land that Patch continues to maintain, preserving a piece of Miami-Dade history. .

Patch has also worked on a 6.5 acre canopy restoration project for the past 15 years on newly acquired adjacent land that was once completely covered in shade structures and used as a nursery.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a look at how a South Florida restaurant is putting a new spin on croquetas.

Southwest Miami-Dade company celebrating the tradition and innovation of Cuban cuisine

Croqueta is a Cuban staple in South Florida. Golden and delicious, croquetas are a hugely popular snack in South Florida and can be made in a ton of flavors. Now a company is pushing the boundaries of what that means.

“Typically you go to any bakery and you have ham, chicken, or cheese,” said Liz Hernandez, Dos Croquetas general manager. “We wanted to bring our roots and what makes abuelitas favorite dish to a croqueta, and just think about how can we make something so normal in the city, something different.”

Dos Croquetas is a family business focused on tradition, but making room for new ones. These traditions are celebrated during Hispanic Heritage Month.

“It’s important to see and to be able to show, to give that insight into our parents and generations and to show to generations to come,” she said. “We’re basically pioneering the next generation of Hispanics.”

Innovation doesn’t come without some pushback from people who prefer something more traditional.

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