Study reveals how real estate brokers and agents can best build trust with their clients


A new report from the real estate marketing platform Activepipe has revealed how real estate brokers and agents can best build trust with their clients.

The report, titled The Trust Report: What Consumers Expect From Realtors, asked clients about their interactions with mortgage agents and brokers.

“The new research we have done is called The Trust Report, and it examines how trust is built in the real estate space between professionals and potential clients,” said Kylie Davis, study author for Activepipe, a platform that allows brokers to stay in touch with their clients.

“It looks at the things real estate agents and brokers do: the things that build trust and the things that destroy trust. One of the main conclusions is that the faster and better you can build trust with your potential customers, the more likely they are to become long-term customers, to repeatedly use you, and to recommend you to friends.

Brokers are one of the most popular sections of the real estate market.

“Brokers have a very high trust score,” Davis said. “I researched this space two years ago and found that people really appreciate the service that brokers provide. With realtors, they want it, but that’s what brokers get: Agents weren’t good at building trust.

“When you are very vulnerable, when you are considering buying or selling a property, there is a lot going on in your life. There are a lot of decisions to be made and it’s very bureaucratic. It is adulthood. Looking for someone to walk you through this. People expect their agent to do this and if they don’t, the broker often steps into that role.

For brokers, the message is clear on how best to build trust with their clients.

“The main thing is to stay in touch,” she said. “With ownership in general, the period between transactions is so long – 7.8, even 10 years – there is a tendency to expect you to deal with someone once and then it will be so. long before it needs to use you again you will need to convert them again.

“But what we’re seeing in this research is that if you stay in touch with your old customers and provide good information to new customers, then you can grow your business exponentially. People don’t want to speed up their date every time they buy a property, they want someone they can trust who knows they are safe and guided through the process. .


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