San Francisco’s leading real estate agent shares insight into real estate market and pandemic influence


There is no doubt about the paradigm shift resulting from the pandemic, and professionals in the Bay Area and surrounding communities are examining the trends they are seeing in terms of real estate and real estate sales.

One of the biggest sectors with great potential is the condo market. People looking for homes in San Francisco are turning to condos for a reason: the prices are low.

“There are condos available right now for prices going back to 2018. These prices are exceptionally low, and I have clients who look at one or two before making an offer,” said Danielle Lazier, a real estate agent in San Francisco, California.

Condominiums aren’t the only properties on the rise. The traditional suburban home with yard and home office is also on the rise. People who work and homeschool have recognized the value of both. As a bonus, the lack of a commute means that living further away than before is much more appealing to many.

It means a lot Real Estate Agents in San Francisco, California, find accommodation for people well outside the city center. Houses in town or near the bustle are also opening, but prices remain stable.

If you’re serious about a home and live in the Bay Area, Lazier and his real estate agents in San Francisco, California can’t wait to work with you.

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