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The following real estate transactions are $ 10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Mark K. Lawrence of Roy Bookhamer Jr., White Township property, $ 140,000.

Teta Tanigay of Cory White, property of the 17th arrondissement of Johnstown, $ 55,000.

Charlene M. Boyd of David W. Trotz, property in Westmont Borough, $ 39,655.

Kylee M. Grata of Walter Grata, owned by the Township of Middle Taylor, $ 158,750.

Bryan Miller by Brian S. Jamison, property of the 21st arrondissement of Johnstown, $ 13,000.

Kimberly Shesko of Shawn J. Furfari, property in Ferndale Borough, $ 84,250.

Nathan T. McKeel of Marlene A. Teeter, owned by Jackson Township, $ 265,000.

Marywhite Oliver of Gloria G. Burkhart, property in Ferndale Borough, $ 78,500.

Joseph W. Rogal of Michael J. Perrone, property in Hastings Borough, $ 19,000.

Coal Tubin Pennsylvania LLC of A&A Excavation Inc., property in Ferndale Borough, $ 110,000.

Richard Andrew Chamberlain II by Donald L. William, owned by Jackson Township, $ 149,000.

Scott D. Myers of Theodore S. Geibig Jr., owned by the Township of Richland, $ 230,000.

Wade Stoddard of Burton & Ellen Singerman Asset Protection Trust, by trustee, owned in Westmont Borough, $ 331,500.

Ethan Stewart of Katelin B. Lindrose, owned by the Township of Lower Yoder, $ 186,500.

Edward J. Defazio of Bernard E. Dumm, property of the Township of Blacklick, $ 176,600.

Judge H. Orlu of Marion W. Templeton, by solicitor, owned by the borough of Ebensburg, $ 117,000.

Tyler J. Holtz of George W. Hnatkovich, property in Hastings Borough, $ 90,900.

Mario Laurence Ugoletti of Harold R. Swanson, property in Vintondale Borough, $ 16,500.

Lois Ann Anders of Joseph Maczko, property in Patton Borough, $ 29,000.

Adam Cobaugh of Falls Run Development Co. LLC, property in Richland Township, $ 19,000.

Thomas Edward Kapcsos Sr. of Mary Lou Sadar, owned by the Township of Richland, $ 110,400.

Richard Dowling’s Naquina Calderon, property in the 20th district of Johnstown, $ 16,000.

Somerset County

James M. Johnson of Michael L. Kuhn, property in Somerset Borough, $ 253,000.

Edward Borischak Jr. of Dolores Block, owned in Windber Borough, $ 15,000.

Brianna Marie Trent of Todd A. Bowser, property in Somerset Borough, $ 142,000.

Timothy J. Abraham of Albert Hertzler, Elk Lick Township Property, $ 30,000.

Nivinski Farm owned by Thomas R. Chiappelli, property in Shade Township, $ 167,808.

Lindsay Osterhout of Gregory M. Palochak, owned by the Township of Middlecreek, $ 297,000.

Craig Westover of Joanne Lynn Gyles, property in Windber Borough, $ 120,000.

Ronald E. Bass by John E. Harbaugh, owned by Shade Township, $ 37,100.

Jennifer Lishka by David L. Lazer, owned by the Township of Conemaugh, $ 69,500.

David Lynn Stoltzfus from Amy E. Yutzy, Elk Lick Township Property, $ 220,000.

Janet M. Higgins of Whitetail Holdings, Somerset Borough property, $ 92,000.

Paul Saucedo Chimbay of Jason E. Sullivan, owned in Windber Borough, $ 53,000.

Hank Tunstall of Gregory Tunstall, owned by the Township of Somerset, $ 50,000.

Kelly J. Deangelo of Gary L. Carpenter, owned by Jenner Township, $ 60,000.

Joyce L. Friedline of Amber Farm, owned by the Township of Lincoln, $ 75,000.

Brett T. Stahl of Janet E. Cook, owned in Windber Borough, $ 24,200.

Michael L. Kuhn of Travis Stankan, Somerset Borough property, $ 158,000.

Max R. Pavlovich of Carlene J. Holsopple, owned by the Township of Conemaugh, $ 410,000.

Larry Tenerovich of Peter M. Korhut, property in Windber Borough, $ 203,000.

Joseph E. Price of Darren S. Davies, owned by the Township of Middlecreek, $ 322,000.

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