Real estate transactions published on March 26, 2022 | Business

The following real estate transactions are $10,000 or more:

Cambria County

Kristopher M. Mulvehill of Jeffrey A. Cox, property in Lower Yoder Township, $46,000.

John J. Babl of Theresa M. Walylko, property in Richland Township, $172,500.

Lucas H. Yoder of Marilyn J. Goff, owned in Ferndale Borough, $55,000.

AM Nielsen Properties I LLC of Daniel V. Radack, property in Richland Township, $200,000.

Michael Mock by Charles E. Hoffman Jr., owned by White Township, $26,000.

Nicholas A. Filak of Sandra Delozier, property in Sankertown Borough, $100,000.

Karingtin Rodgeres Sklodowski of Joseph A. Adams, owned in Cresson Borough, $35,000.

Tiera M. Myers of Brenda Segada, property in Gallitzin Township, $147,000.

Boston Hedge SFR LLC of the US of America Rural Housing Service, property in Cresson Township, $40,000.

Cory Dagostino of Dorothy M. Stropko, owned in South Fork Borough, $55,000.

County of Somerset

Jami J. Senchesen of Eichner Living Trust, property in Middlecreek Township, $516,717.

Gary L. Rice of Verle Garland, property in Conemaugh Township, $160,000.

Sisler Lumber Co. of Harvey Peter Meyers Estate, property in Summit Township, $416,000.

Joseph Marsh of David P. Petrunak, estate in Windber Borough, $20,000.

Robert Wiedenhoft of Somerset Management/Holding, property in Somerset Township, $98,600.

James N. Yoder of William M. Yoder, property in Elk Lick Township, $280,000.

Eli N. Yoder of James N. Yoder, property in Elk Lick Township, $320,000.

Matthew R. Truszka of Thousand Keys Acquisitions 1A, owned by Garrett Borough, $59,469.80.

Somerset Development Partners of Peter Carlton Jacobson, owned in Somerset Borough, $149,000.

James S. Morrow of RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust, property in Boswell Borough, $28,500.

Bryco Property Management LLC of Gontowon Wehye, property in Dale Borough, $42,000.

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