Real estate transactions East sector for the week of October 10, 2021



Abdel Moneim El-Attar sold the property of 3632 Cal Ken Ct to Andre Parquette and Amy Heinlen for $ 370,000.

Richard Brazill sold the property at 5017 Pioneer Ct to Christopher and Christina Clawson for $ 465,000.

Daniel Albert Santimauro sold the property at 5287 Rocky Hill Ln to Taylor Beck for $ 180,380.

North of Huntingdon

Pasquarelli Property Management LLC sold a property at the unknown address to Anthony and Caroline Constantine for $ 689,545.

Jacklyn Chionchio sold a property at 1290 Second St. to Justin Billy and Jacklyn Halus for $ 0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $ 33,374).

Patricia Dorsey sold a property at 2661 Baker School Road to Peter and Michelle Higgs for $ 90,000.

Angelo Don Rometo sold the property at 12141 Bradley Drive to Justin Glenn Livingston and Angela Christine Harshman for $ 160,000.

The David Sinclair Estate sold the property at 8910 Broadway St. to Gary Sean Sinclair for $ 85,000.

HBN Real Estate Ventures LLC sold a property at 179 Clairmont Street to Cupola Homes27 LLC for $ 233,000.

Anthony Maroadi sold the property at 643 Crestwood Drive to Tyler Corklin and Rachel Johnston for $ 210,000.

Dawn Andreyo sold the property at 7786 Dominick Drive to Jay and Justine Giffen for $ 698,900.

Donato Pasquarelli sold the property at 988 Giulia Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 90,000.

Thomas Atcheson sold the property at 1841 Haflinger Drive to Andrew and Tanaz Walendziewicz for $ 335,500.

Michael Andrew Phipps sold a property at 1060 Hahntown Wendel Road to John Fleig and Marylou Marino for $ 155,900.

Elizabeth James sold the property at 14500 Lynne Drive to Woodrow Frazier III for $ 160,900.

Jessica Johnston sold the property at 79 Magnus Ln to Tyler Sullivan and Jessica Dezelan for $ 150,000.

WSAJT Properties LP sold a property located at 350-352 Main St. to Quinns Depot LLC for $ 690,000.

Gloria Baker sold the property at 1191 Robbins Station Road to Nathan Andrew Slivka for $ 150,000.

Joshua Yaklich sold the property at 2245 Robert St. to Patrick Germovsek and Taylor Reese for $ 228,500.

Joseph Micic sold the property at 12019 Waterford Drive to Jenafur Marie and Rachel Lynn Wedel for $ 525,000.

The estate of Rita Jean Cook sold the property at 830 Whitehead Ln to Victor Verosky for $ 172,000.

Yong Butler sold the property at 260 Woodall Ave. to Jill Louise Quaglieri for $ 160,000.


Rachel Groggel sold the property at 303 Third St. to Anderson Real Estate Holdings LLC for $ 240,000.

Estate of Rowland Scott sold the property at 706 Fourth St. to Unity Properties LLC for $ 26,000.

Gregory Jones sold the property at 212 College Ave. to Robert and Paulette Betts for $ 480,000.

Supatida Lurrojnpiyakul sold a property at 10 Gloucester Ct to Melinda Meyer for $ 174,395.

Queensgate Associates sold a property at 324 Hulton Road to US-ST Able-P1 324 Hulton Rd Oakmont LLC for $ 6,948,234.

Sharon Gemperle, trustee, sold the property at 214 Riverfront Street to Mark and Jeanne Baseman for $ 470,000.

Arlene Glick sold the property at 1556 St. Andrews Drive to Gregory Lippert for $ 295,500.

Penn hills

Thomas Kuntz sold the property at 222 Auburn St. to Segavepo LLC for $ 120,000.

Laura Fowkes sold a property at 1404 Barbara Drive to Alexander and Kayla Finif for $ 141,000.

The estate of John Christman sold the property at 10244 Buchannon Road to JPV Holdings LLC for $ 22,000.

James Amor sold the property at 552 Burton Drive to Zachary Brendlinger and Shelby Good for $ 135,000.

Robert Reed III sold the property at 114 Charleston Drive to Cupola Homes 27 LLC for $ 131,000.

The estate of Arlene N Burgunder Whitehead sold the property at 201 Crescent Pines Drive to Denita Smith for $ 149,000.

Patty Jo Davis sold the property at 100 Crestview Road to Heritage Holdings PGH LLC for $ 96,100.

Katie Marie Smolenski sold the property at 367 Dorothy Drive to Tyler Joe McBride for $ 160,000.

Dylan Baker sold the property at 201 Earlwood Road to Kevin Jackson for $ 182,000.

Shawn Hopson sold a property at 130 Fairview Drive to Garl and Theresa Germany for $ 268,500.

Tanya Burkes sold the property at 216 Grove Road to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ 83,555.

Gerald Ricci trste sold the property at 836 Homewood Drive to Charles Lee Byrd Jr. for $ 103,000.

Ronald Whitney sold the property at 113 Jay Drive to Scott and Kristin Stitt for $ 109,500.

Steven Parco sold the property at 226 Jefferson Road to Sheena Richardson for $ 165,000.

Raymond Parise’s estate sold the property at 209 Key Drive to Jaimee Weeks for $ 168,000.

Thomas Cox sold the 206 Long Road property to Joseph Patrick Zanini for $ 177,500.

John Morris Jr. sold the property at 2606 Main St. to Jason Yu and Hong Hua Zhu for $ 165,000.

James Lauff sold a property at 8213 Nadine Road to Golden Pinnacle LLC for $ 30,000.

James Lauff sold the property at 8217 Nadine Road to Golden Pinnacle LLC for $ 40,000.

The estate of Janice Sloane sold the property at 1527 Nash Ave. to Elvira and Daniela Pampena for $ 143,000.

W & J Properties LLC sold a property at 1652 Nash Ave. to Oluwafemi Olakunle Sarumi and Markeita Kersey for $ 104,000.

The estate of Norma Jean Deklevar sold the property at 16 Newfield Drive to Daniel Paul Crowley for $ 40,000.

Nicholas Clista sold the property at 429 Northern Pike to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ 75,000.

Albert Coglio sold the property at 24 Paxico Ave. to Suzanna Hare for $ 90,000.

Douglas Fox sold the property at 319 Penn Vista Drive to Kyla Thorn for $ 151,000.

Eric Lang sold the property at 213 Pike St. to Craig Elfrank for $ 160,000.

Matthew Beckman sold the property at 58 Pine Valley Drive to Martin Mueller for $ 150,000.

Rebecca Wilson sold the property at 5706 Poketa Road to Hinojosa Realty LLC for $ 185,000.

June Nolder sold the 207 Rodilin Drive property to Devon Demko and Cassidy Sherry for $ 147,000.

Mark Brady sold the 30 Seminole Ct property to AJ Simmons for $ 159,900.

Kathryn Fisher sold the property at 366 Tall Tree Drive to Lawrence Harris and Ashley White for $ 120,000.

Maica Properties LLC sold the property at 8624 Westwood Road to Bennie Dixon Jr. for $ 59,000.


Zokaites Properties LP sold a property at Dana Drive to Maronda Homes LLC for $ 133,000.

Todd Moline sold a property at 633 Glengarry Ct to Nathaniel Laroue for $ 332,500.

Joseph Galioto sold a property at 4902 Hialeah Drive to Candice and Michelle Bowman for $ 160,000.

US Property Partners LLC sold the 155 Jackson Road property to SFR 3,030 LLC for $ 68,700.

Sally Cardell sold the property at 434 Kathy Lynn Drive to Zachary Paul Borgoyne for $ 195,000.

Derrick Wisdom sold the property at 125 Leroy Street to American Escrow & Closing Co. for $ 215,000.

American Escrow & Closing Co. sold a property at 125 Leroy Street to Rosel and Karissa Kafwa for $ 215,000.

Debra Nichols sold the property at 457 Lynn Ann Drive to David and Maria Anderson for $ 360,000.

Brian Chelko sold the property at 5108 Ozark Drive to Ronald Rodgers for $ 191,500.

Reilly Michael Demharter sold a property at 206 Rampart Blvd. to Dana Ruddock for $ 135,000.

Robert Hester sold the property at 523 Regency Drive to Joseph William Stover for $ 216,000.

Christopher Raible sold the property at 667 Regency Drive to Segavepo LLC for $ 170,000.

Philip Voorheis sold the property at 44 Rupert Ln to David Joseph and Sandy Jo Bousquet for $ 281,700.

WA Properties LLC sold the property at 7847 Saltsburg Road to US Property Partners LLC for $ 73,500.

Thomas Boney sold a property at 4166 Sardis Road to Jordan Weaver and Olivia Albert for $ 250,000.

Turtle Creek

Joyce Marcoz trustee sold the property at 1641 Larch St. to Joan Wolfe and Alyssa Stokes for $ 129,900.

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