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The technology is great, and the Internet, along with e-commerce sites, has brought the world together into a global market.

Believe me, with the holidays approaching, I think I might as well get the drivers from Amazon, US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx a room in our house, they’re here so often. But not everything translates well in an online sales environment.

Some things you just have to see for yourself. They must feel like you and when it comes to very complex buying decisions, like, say, buying a house, no online experience can replace what a real estate agent offers you. anybody. Do you think I’m wrong?

Zillow, arguably one of the world’s largest digital real estate companies, announced earlier this month that it is shutting down its home buying division. The company that showcases homes and allows comparison, contrast and even contacting agents to set appointments, tried to convert into a real brokerage house and, in three years, called the movers and went packed his bags.

You’ve gotten to know me well enough to know that I’m not the “I told you so” type. OK, who am I kidding? I told you.

The company, in a Nov. 2 press release, cited a significant reduction in third-quarter profits, despite home prices being the highest on record and interest rates as low as they ever were. ‘have ever been, so houses keep selling. in a record time. So how is this possible?

According to Zillow CEO Rich Barton, the statement said the shutdown of its home buying division, Offers, and the layoff of 25% of its staff were due to “the unpredictability of home price forecasts. far exceeds what we expected. “

Last year in an article I discussed how the in-person experience of using a real estate agent to buy or sell your home is still the best way to make sure your purchase is perfect for you. Although technology improves our lives in many ways, nothing replaces human interaction in transactions. Orders still need to be processed and packed by someone. Your holiday gifts must be delivered by someone. And, when it comes to real estate, a real estate agent is still the best way to find your home.

Your real estate agent, with the help of the Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors, not only predicted market movement, but was also able to meet demand from buyers and sellers. Its local knowledge and connections are more useful and beneficial than any connection to a server or processor.

While the knowledge and expertise of realtors far exceeds the computing power and connectivity of an online option, the reason they will always be the best option to buy or sell your home is the emotional component you share when you successfully complete your transaction. You can’t smile with a confirmation screen, you can’t hug an email, and you can’t celebrate with a device.

It’s more than a transaction; it’s an important decision that impacts everyone in your life. Trusting an algorithm, an online form, or someone sitting behind a screen in Phoenix to tell you what your home in Warren, Youngstown, Canfield, or Columbiana is worth doesn’t seem like the most personal way to run your business. biggest purchase.

But as I always say, I am biased. However, as a proud member and President of YCAR, representing Mahoning Valley Realtors, I would like to thank each of the Realtors who proudly serve our region. Technology will evolve and make our lives more convenient, but it will never replace, replicate, or reconfigure the most important part of any real estate transaction: you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Patrick Burgan is the 2021 President of the Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors.

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