Real Estate For A CAUSE combines passions for work and charity

James mirolli

GRAND-WHITE – James Mirolli Broker / CEO of Real Estate For A CAUSE has built an organization based on passion and community. The intersection of his two passions – real estate and giving back to the community – resulted in the launch of Real Estate For A CAUSE in April 2019.

“The REFAC agents as a whole are very generous,” said Mirolli. “Everyone is passionate about something and we attract real estate professionals who want to make an impact in the community. Our business model is centered on this concept that emerged in Real Estate For A CAUSE in which the real estate brokerage industry supports local charities and non-profit organizations by donating a portion of the commissions. of real estate sales of each real estate fence they facilitate. To date, Mirolli and her team have made over 450 individual donations totaling nearly $ 110,000.

The list of local organizations that have benefited from Real Estate For A CAUSE has shared the number of visions by the dozen and ranges from well-known service clubs and agencies like Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation, Grand Blanc Little League, United Veterans of Michigan and the Humane Society to lesser-known organizations like Colins Angels and Voices for Children.

Recommendations for organizations to receive donations come from Mirolli’s team of agents as well as clients. “Each of our agents has two or three organizations they want to support. When we explain to clients what we do, they also have ideas. We realized very quickly that there were a lot of local organizations to support, ”explained Mirolli. Real Estate For A CAUSE presents a monthly charity event and links their growing list of charitable partners on a purpose-built website on

Mirolli invites a different charity partner every month to their offices to inform and update their team on this organization. The Real Estate For A CAUSE team also volunteers their time for hands-on work with their charitable partners, such as packing and loading children’s holiday baskets for the Whaley Children’s Center or fundraising events. .

“Real Estate For A CAUSE has grown into an organization where you can have a job you love and work for what you are passionate about. The combination of these two things makes the job even more rewarding, ”said Mirolli.

“As our coverage areas expand throughout the state of Michigan, we are proud to announce our first full-service franchise location in Waterford Michigan. Darrell Hudiburgh is the broker / owner of this location and he’s been with us from the start. Darrell’s passion and love for the community is embraced at the Waterford site, and he looks forward to building the community and making an impact in Oakland County as well. We also recently opened the Title Insurance Agency for a CAUSE where we provide title insurance services to our clients to help make a bigger impact on the community, ”said Mirolli.

“We look forward to our next big step of giving back to the community, $ 250,000, which we hope to achieve before the 5th anniversary of Real Estate For A CAUSE,” concluded Mirolli.

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