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Through Express news service

BENGALURU: Rajagopalnagar police have solved a murder case of a 43-year-old private company employee and arrested two suspects. The incident was reported in GKW Layout on June 16. The defendants were identified as real estate agent Mohan Kumar (32) and his friend H Nagaraj (36), both residents of GKW Layout, where the victim, Karthik also lived.

A senior police officer said a real estate dispute between Karthik and Mohan was the primary motive for the murder. During the investigation, police learned that Mohan had helped Karthik buy two apartments in an apartment complex. While Karthik had only paid a commission for one apartment, he reportedly refused to pay for the other. He is also said to have carried out the renovation of the two apartments, turning them into one.

Although Mohan repeatedly asked him to pay the balance of Rs 21 lakh, Karthing refused, which caused heated arguments between the two. After Mohan allegedly threatened Karthik, the latter decided to settle the score. Police said when Mohan started building a building near Karthik’s apartment, he complained to the BBMP about some violations in the construction work.

In the meantime, Karthik has also reportedly started spreading rumors on social media about Mohan’s affair with a woman to tarnish his image. Enraged, Mohan took help from his business partner, Nagaraj, and confronted Karthik as he was returning from work on his bike. They would have clubbed him to death. Mohan and Nagaraj have both been charged with murder.


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