Play catch-up? 9 practical tips for real estate agents

In the whirlwind of daily real estate practice, it can be difficult to keep track of the relationships that matter most to your business. Here’s how to reach out, restart and rejuvenate your contacts with former clients, colleagues and your community.

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When you’re busy on a day-to-day basis, keeping track of relationships that aren’t right in front of you — active leads, contract customers, customers in crisis mode — can feel difficult, if not impossible. There may not be enough times in the day to meet, and some people may still be in social distance mode, making it seem like you’re alone.

If you feel like you’ve let down and want to reconnect with the customers and colleagues who could make a big difference in your business, there’s no better time than the present to start reconnecting. We’ve rounded up some of our top tips so you can reach out, branch out, and catch up.

Remediation: acknowledgments and handwritten notes

The Complete Handwritten Note You Need Now

You know that one of the best and most personal ways to stay in touch or reconnect is to write an elegant and sincere handwritten note. I’ve updated one of my most comprehensive guides to writing notes that make people feel seen and valued.

Catch-up: closing of gifts

10 Memorable Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

With so many customers going through the transaction process, you need to have a plan in place to make a lasting impression at the closing table. These closing gifts are both personal and repeatable so you always have a great gift on hand.

Catch-up: referral acknowledgments

From the Heart: 10 Ways to Show Gratitude for Recommendations

Someone Who Knows, Likes, and Trusts You Sharing your name with a friend or family member is a powerful way to attract prospects who want to work with you. He deserves recognition and appreciation. Find out how to thank your sponsors and motivate them to keep singing your praises.

Catch-up: post-announcement marketing

Reinvent the Cards Just Sold: 12 Strategies to Boost Your Business in 2022

A current listing or recent successful sale helps position you as an expert in the neighborhood. Let people living near your latest listing know about the service you provide and stay in mind when they are ready to sell their home as well.

Catching up: expanding sphere of influence

Trying to expand your database? Here is a 5-step plan

Your sphere of influence is the foundation of your marketing and awareness efforts. Keep feeding your database and you keep your pipeline full of leads and referral sources. Here’s how to keep nurturing those valuable relationships and generating more of them.

Catch-up: connecting with buyers who move

How to get your share of the resurgence of relocation buyers

The pandemic has seen waves of movement driven by the availability of remote work, the search for affordability, and shifting values. Get your share of the relocation buyer market and work with agents in popular grocery and destination markets to serve this important group.

Catch-up: professional networking

How to make networking work for you

The more agents, brokers and affiliated professionals you know, the more opportunities will open up in your business. Often the conversations you have with your co-workers result in breakthrough ideas and presentations that move your business forward. Here’s how to catch up with your professional network and put those relationships to work.

Catch-up: leadership opportunities

So you want to be a leader? Discover these 5 tracks

The real estate industry offers tremendous opportunities for professional growth and development. Rather than sitting around and complaining about what’s not happening in the industry, here’s how to get involved and be the change you’d like to see both locally and industry-wide.

Catch-up: restarting your business from the ground up

Press reset! How to revive your real estate business

In real estate, nothing really dies – not leads, not markets, and not opportunities. Whether you’ve been away from the company for a while or let things slip due to personal circumstances, there’s always a way to come back and put your skills and contacts to work. Find out how to catch up to get a fresh start.

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