Learn to save as a couple and not die trying

When we live we begin to accumulate memories and beautiful moments with our partner. And although this part of living together is wonderful and very romantic, there is a new part of the relationship a bit colder: couple finances . And it is important to talk about them at the time, since not doing so could cause different problems (discussions for money are not pretty!).

To avoid financial discussions, touching on issues such as the distribution of expenses and savings is important. In this note we show you how to save as a couple and not die trying. Read carefully!

Every expense on your site

Every expense on your site

When you live there are different expenses that begin to be made. I advise you and your partner to discuss priorities to be able to define them. Once this is done they can decide the amount of money they will allocate to things like: food expenses, service costs etc.

And also, agree to give money for things that you both like, such as: that trip every year, get together for the initial of your home and get a mortgage, etc.

Set deadlines

Set deadlines

There are needs that must be resolved immediately and others that can be expected. As a couple, goals can be set for the week, month and year, that is, short, medium and long term. Saving together should not be a headache, but a relief and that they can raise the money they need in less time.

In the short term they can raise money to be able to have all the necessary food for the meal of the week. While in the medium term they could get together to go on a trip once a year. In the long term, saving for your own home would also be an excellent idea.

Learning how to save is not difficult. It is a matter of being aware of the essential expenses thanks to the elaboration of a personal budget. From this they can allocate the surplus money in different savings goals.

Divide your expenses

The common expenses of the house can be divided equally. This is a great idea, but if you prefer, you can also divide payment obligations. In other words, one pays for electricity, another for water, one for cable, another for internet, etc. This means that the obligations are always up to date and it is not a single person in charge of making all payments with the money collected.

Set aside an amount for savings

Set aside an amount for savings

Saving money when you don’t have a partner is easy and with a partner it doesn’t have to be different. It’s all about having a little discipline. I advise you and your partner to agree on a monthly amount for savings that both respect each month. This will make it easier to calculate how much time they can accumulate the money they need for the goal they have planned.

Couple finances are not difficult! Couples are a society and must work together to grow and see how money is maximized for the benefit of both.

I have already told you how you can save as a couple, now do not forget to tell me how you are doing with the advice that I am leaving you in Ramsay family !

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