Key insights to be an impactful real estate leader

As a brokerage leader, it’s important to remember that there are many ways to successfully run a brokerage. But whatever your strategy, your brokerage can probably use a boost by finding more mindful and impactful ways to deliver the results you seek. Here are some ways to get started:

Accept change

In a volatile industry and market that has moved at incredible speeds in recent years, adapting quickly is an essential skill as a brokerage leader if you want to be on top of other agencies, or even better, in advance on the curve. Accept changes as they happen and, more importantly, adapt to them in a way that benefits not only you, but also your agents, your staff and the brokerage as a whole. together will have far better results than trying to go against the grain.

Be open to the idea of ​​things moving in a direction beyond your control, and find ways to be proactive and anticipate the needs of your agents and employees as they go.

look deeper

Along with the change, there are developments that likely require new structures and steps that need to be taken to ensure that you and your brokerage are aware of everything that is going on inside and out. outside your business.

Using your strengths as a leader to dig deeper into issues before they become bigger issues will not only allow you to advocate for a better brokerage culture and a place where your agents and employees feel valued, but will also provide an environment where operations run more smoothly. while increasing the impact of your brokerage by looking at the big picture.

There is always something that can be improved, and if we take the initiative as leaders to make those improvements, it will generate an environment and business that encourages a strong market position based on trust and respect.

gain clarity

Agreeing with all stakeholders, such as staff, agents, partners, and customers, while navigating and managing diverse interests can often be difficult, especially when different motivating factors are at play. But a Once you are able to see what each of them is looking for and how they can be supported by putting you in their shoes, everything becomes much clearer. Gaining clarity is not just a matter of external factors.

As a brokerage leader, your goals, visions, and leadership style should be clear to you and those around you. The way you strive to improve your brokerage requires effective and clear communication. If you haven’t thought through your goals and visions for your brokerage, chances are your teams and agents won’t have a clue either. Finding clarity in the intentions and ways you want to run your business is after all the first step on which you can build a successful brokerage that has the success and impact you desire.

Marion Weiler is Brokerage Growth Strategist and CEO of Weiler International LLC

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