Inflation hits the homes of many central Texans

WACO, TX (FOX 44) – The United States faces an affordable housing crisis. Many Central Texans are seeing their rent crisis.

Waco real estate agent Daniela Rodriguez says this time of year, landlords raise their rent after getting their appraisals.

“Landlords who can’t do property exemptions for properties that they see go up 40%, so they raise their rent, every time their taxes go up they raise the rent,” says real estate agent Daniela Rodríguez.

Along with rising rents, this has also had an impact on moving companies.

“I’ve been busy since Christmas. People are moving because the rent is so high, what was 750 per month is now 1250 per month. It’s just ridiculous,” says Randall Murphy of Murphy Movers.

Many students say inflation is really taking a toll on their way of life.

“I think in the near future I will have to move because of the rent that keeps going up and wages that are stagnating and a lot of help doesn’t really cut it,” says Jose Narravet.

“It made it difficult to buy gas to get around. Worried about the bills, the hydro, then the groceries,” says Bailey.

With the rent going up, Bailey is looking for something more in her price range, which she says she has trouble with.

“My lease ends in July, so I want to see other options for what I’m paying,” says Bailey.

Rodriguez says that at the rate rent is currently rising, the best option for consumers is to sign a longer lease.

“So if your landlord lets you sign 14-24 month leases, you know you’re not moving, make sure you do that, take advantage of it when you can,” says Rodriguez.

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