HDB Launches Housing & Development Properties Company for Real Estate Marketing

The Housing and Development Bank (HDB) has launched its affiliate Housing and Development Properties (HDP) for real estate marketing.

HDP provides professional real estate marketing and investment services. It aims to be one of the largest real estate marketing companies in Egypt and the Middle East region.

The company has an ambitious expansion strategy to provide its clients with top-level integrated marketing and investment services that enable it to increase market share and attract new clients in this area, as well as to give it the opportunity to have a distinctive presence through the marketing of ongoing projects held by the Bank.

The launch ceremony of the company took place in the presence of Hassan Ghanem, President and CEO of HDB, and Amgad Hassanein, President of HDP.

Ghanem said HDB owns more than 20 companies specializing in real estate and finance services.

He added that the new company is the culmination of the bank’s successful development strategy of its affiliates. The strategy aims to develop the quality of services provided by each company and to ensure the application of modern administrative, scientific and training approaches using the best technologies and a team of professionals, to provide distinguished services to customers.

Ghanem pointed out that HDB has a distinctive and unique business model. It is a combination of a long history of leadership in the field of urban development and a large customer base. Throughout the 40s, the bank has grown into one of the largest comprehensive commercial banks in recent years throughout the development course adopted by the bank.

Ghanem stressed that HDB continues to support and grow its businesses, wishing success to HDP’s leadership. He expressed confidence in the ability and efficiency of the company’s work team to achieve its goal of becoming one of the largest real estate marketing companies in Egypt and the Middle East.

For his part, Amgad Hassanein said the company was set up to become the marketing and investment arm of HDB.

He added that HDP aims to become one of the leading real estate marketing companies in Egypt and the Middle East, with its professionals having vast experience in the field of real estate marketing and investment which allows it to compete strongly in this area, along with the expansion of urban development, which is one of the most important trends in the state today.

He emphasized that HDP will be responsible for marketing distinctive projects with attractive geographic locations, striving to ensure a distinctive residential experience.

According to Hassanein, in the coming period, several new projects will be announced, noting that all will meet the requirements of sustainable urban development, to strengthen efforts to create a suitable and distinguished residential environment for customers.

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