Gwendolyn Taylor’s Real Estate Board Game Encourages Generational Wealth | Economic news

Gwendolyn Taylor, foster parent, healthcare manager for a large healthcare company, and small business owner, has always been an avid viewer of the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV).

During last year’s quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic, she had more time for herself to indulge in watching more HGTV. There wasn’t much to do or anywhere to go. It was the perfect time to gorge on her favorite shows.

One Sunday afternoon, while watching the network, she thought it would be cool to play a house flipping real estate board game. She went to Amazon and saw nothing. She continued to search other sites, and still nothing.

It was then that the idea came to her that she could create her own game. Her invention “Flip That House Board Game” was born.

Flip That House Board Game is an educational game that explains the house flipping process, which means buying and reselling a house for a profit after you renovate it. It includes approximately 50 common real estate and financial terms, including mortgage, credit score, escrow, and foreclosure.

She started to draw and sketch what she wanted the game to look like and how to play it.

Then she sent her sketches to a graphic designer to professionally design it. After picking it up by the designer and sending it to the printer, she shipped it off for the official prototype to be created.

At the moment, the game is still in progress. He’s sitting down with a big toy and game company for further review and a possible licensing deal.

Gwendolyn Taylor’s “Flip That House The Board Game” is for real estate and HGTV enthusiasts like her.

Focus groups use it to provide constructive feedback and potential improvements.

Mike Jackson, host of “Married to Real Estate” on HGTV with his wife Egypt Sherrod and host and judge of other shows on the network, was one of the people on a focus group.

This summer, Taylor introduced the game virtually to Shark Tank. A yes or no has yet to be confirmed by the show.

Taylor said she thought it was important to include the terms and definitions in the game, as she remembers not knowing them when she was first-time homebuyer.

Other information included in the game are hard money loans, areas of opportunity, titles, housing and urban development, and solar energy.

The game begins with $ 100,000 in cash from a flip. At that point, the pinball machine may continue to gain assets and equity to reach a million dollars, or it may lose by competing with other pinball machines.

It is mainly focused on real estate investment. A pinball machine can buy a struggling property, put money in it, and flip it for profit. Taylor said he heard about the After Repair Value (ARV), which estimates the profitability of a property after repairs. One example she used was returning $ 30,000, and once you pay it off, it’s worth $ 95,000.

She hopes the game can be used as a tool to build generational wealth and encourage young people to get into real estate.

“I want our readers to know this is a game changer,” she said. “This is something they want to have for their children, grandchildren and families. I would love to have their support, and look forward to sharing even more important news in the not-so-distant future about his. national scale. ”

Pre-orders are available on Taylor said she expects the game to be in full production by January 2022.

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