Government Controlled Institutions Cannot Do Real Estate Business: IHC



13:47 | December 13, 2021

Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Athar Minallah said ministries and institutions working under the government cannot engage in real estate matters as it will be considered a conflict of interest.

The Islamabad High Court heard a case in Islamabad on Monday against real estate cases conducted by ministries and institutions that depend on them.

The IHC has asked the Attorney General of Pakistan to complete his arguments in this case until the next hearing so that the court can announce its judgment.

The court questioned whether government-controlled institutions could directly or indirectly carry out certain activities or not. Isn’t it the clash of interests, he asked?

Deputy Attorney General Syed Tayyab Shah informed the court that according to his order, he will send a summary of the case to the cabinet this week.

The IHC CJ reprimanded the deputy GA, explaining why the government had not done things on its own. Why the court still has to make an order, he added.

Judge Minallah said the court would decide the case according to the law. He said that in deciding the criminal appeals, it appeared that the state itself provided protection for the criminals. He said the state itself was involved in crimes.

The court reminded MP AG that the case concerned fundamental human rights.

After that, the court adjourned the case until January 17.


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