Evocalize and Realty Austin Examine Real Estate Advertising Trends on Facebook in Recently Released Report | by Gabriel Gervelis | October 2021

Austin Texas: Evocalize, the creators of a collaborative marketing platform (CMP) that simplifies the execution of digital marketing between partners, today announced the release of its third quarter Facebook real estate advertising report.

The report shows that normal seasonality is starting to revert to Facebook’s real estate advertising performance metrics. Metrics like click-to-lead conversion rate (CVR) continue to decline from their highs of the past 3 years. Even so, performance metrics remain historically strong, resulting in a real estate advertising dollar spent on Facebook today earning significantly more than pre-pandemic levels.

Evocalize digital marketing analyst Riley Hummel commented, “The report clearly shows that the CVR is starting to decline from its May 2021 high. However, in September 2021, the CVR remains 15 times higher than that. that it was before the pandemic in September 2019, leading to a cost per lead (CPL) that remains historically low. This makes Facebook a hugely profitable way to generate leads and build local brand awareness.

Kara Jones, Director of Marketing at Realty Austin said, “Consumers have adapted to the new role that social advertising is playing in the process of buying and selling a home and more and more agents are using it. Facebook advertising to boost their business. Looking at the first quarter of 2022, we don’t expect performance metrics to return to pre-pandemic levels, but we do believe seasonality is returning and metrics will reach a new normal. “

The report covers nearly three years of trends identified from over one billion ad impressions and online behaviors that have generated over 1.8 million leads.

About Evocalize

Evocalize’s collaborative marketing platform is used by leading franchisors, brokerage houses, markets and real estate technology providers to enable agents and locations to have efficient and easy-to-execute digital marketing that generates real business results and revenues. Evocalize is a partner of Facebook’s Real Estate Top Provider Initiative and received the Real Estate Top Tech 100 Award from HousingWire. Evocalize’s technology supports businesses across multiple industries, including mortgage lending, insurance, multi-family housing, commercial real estate, financial services, and travel. For more information, visit http://www.evocalize.com and follow them on LinkedIn.

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