Donald Trump’s latest lucrative schemes

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Former President Donald Trump still runs several cash-generating programs. It is as essential to her being as the odd strand of orange hair. Moreover, like Bloomberg Remarks, “The Trump Organization has over $ 590 million in debt due over the next four years, more than half of which is personally guaranteed by Trump.” So it’s no surprise that even though he’s not in the White House, Trump is using his post-presidential influence to rake in the big bucks. Here is what he does.

Trump is still asking for political donations, although it is not clear why he needs the money. At the top of his website, he says: “Together we are rebuilding our nation” above a connect where you can donate to the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee. After selecting the amount you wish to donate, a box to make a recurring donation is automatically checked. This has already caused some problems for Trump; he had to reimburse $ 122 million to his supporters who have unwittingly checked the box so far. He also solicits donations to this PAC by SMS and email. Olivia Nuzzi, new YorkThe Washington correspondent said she had received 19 fundraising texts in the past seven days.

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Whatever Trump does, it seems to be working; last month he had a war chest of over $ 100 million. Financial Time reported that this money was collected through several fundraising vehicles, “some leftovers from his 2020 presidential campaign, others newly launched, making it difficult to track the money Trump raised and how it was used.” We know Trump’s Make America Great PAC used $ 13 million so far to fund his futile recount effort. And the the Wall Street newspaper suggested that money is the key to Trump’s more legitimate efforts to retain political power, whether he plans to use it for his own 2024 presidential campaign or “to support his favorite candidates or support the main rivals of the Republicans he is not satisfied “. For the moment, he does not share. Earlier this month, Politico reported that no money from Trump’s series of fundraising PACs was transferred “to GOP candidates or committees involved in the midterm elections.”

Trump is putting some of that donor money back into his businesses, and he’s encouraged his Republican friends to do the same. A recent ABC News report revealed that in the first half of 2021, “dozens of Republican campaigns and political groups together spent at least $ 750,000 on Trump properties, nearly half of which came from directly affiliated fundraising committees or linked to Trump himself, according to the federal government and the state. campaign disclosure reports. The Make America Great Again PAC paid $ 40,000 per month to rent office space at Trump Tower, and an additional $ 8,000 for accommodation in Trump-owned hotels. PACs run by the Republican National Committee also spend a lot of money on Trump’s properties; they spent $ 176,000 in Mar-a-Lago for a GOP donor retreat this spring.

During his tenure, Trump was masterful when it came to getting his followers to pledge allegiance to him, and although he’s currently sitting in Mar-a-Lago, he’s not slowing down. His Save America leadership PAC announcement earlier this month, they are releasing a range of official Trump cards. These pieces of red plastic with gold lettering will cost between $ 20 and $ 50 a piece. “The card you select will be worn by Patriots across the country. They will be a sign of your staunch support for our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I have complete confidence in you, ”Trump wrote in a fundraising email.

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Carrying an official Trump Card in your wallet literally won’t do anything. It’s no different than the fake credit card that came with your cash register that you loved to play with as a kid.

Unfortunately for Trump, spending PAC money on his properties won’t be enough to wipe out the Trump Organization’s pile of debt. But downsizing could help. Trump tried to unload active left and right, including:

  • His Washington, DC hotel, which became a hotspot for Conservatives during his presidency, for $ 500 million
  • A “fixed upper mansion” near Mar-a-Lago for $ 49 million
  • One of his personal helicopters, a 1990 Sikorsky S76-B, for around $ 1 million
  • A sumptuous estate in Saint-Martin for $ 16.9 million, or 11 million less than its initial asking price

Bloomberg Noted that while buying and selling properties is an integral part of real estate business, “the assets for sale are outside of Trump’s typical business of marketing condos in a Las Vegas tower or houses in his golf community. in California “.

Despite the reduced asking price for the St. Martins estate, Trump is struggling to find a buyer. “Those interested in the property weren’t interested in being in the spotlight to buy the former President of the United States’ house,” St. Martins real estate agent Jonathan Schaede told Bloomberg of the estate. islander of the former president.

One of the many privileges granted to former presidents is the free lifetime protection of the Secret Service. Trump found a way to monetize that perk: he billed his security services $ 396.15 per night for the space they use in Mar-a-Lago. It adds up quickly – from Jan. 20 to April 30, the Secret Service spent over $ 40,000 on his Florida club. Of course, it is you and I, the noble taxpayers, who are really footing the bill – and we have been doing so for some time. Trump’s company indicted government at least $ 2.5 million for the expenses accumulated in his properties when he was president.

In a unusually previous post-presidential decision, Donald Trump is Go on tour. He will make four stops in Texas and Florida in December, sitting down with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly to “discuss exactly how things got accomplished, as well as the challenges, good and bad,” during Mr. Trump’s four-year presidency. Regular tickets for the “Historical Tour” will cost between $ 100 and $ 300, but super fans can purchase a “VIP Meet & Greet Package” for to the top $ 8,500 if they want to attend a 45-minute pre-show reception and snap a photo with the two men, who have both been accused of sexual harassment.

Through Politics, the dynamic Trump-O’Reilly duo are struggling to fill the seats. “We have gigs that are going a lot better than that,” a source told the website, noting that Bad Bunny and Kane Brown’s gigs at the same location in Orlando were already sold out. Meanwhile, 60 to 65 percent of Houston’s seats remain empty, and sales from the Sunrise event in Florida fell short of expectations. Bill O’Reilly called these claims “bullshit” and threatened to sue Daniel Lippman, the author of the article on Politico.

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