DIG acquires Infinity and invades the real estate market with mega projects

DIG plans to invade the Egyptian real estate market with mega projects in the coming period. DIG acquired Infinity, which owns commercial projects in the new administrative capital.

Hussein Salah, president of “DIG”, said that the company intends to announce two commercial projects with multiple activities in the most important locations of the new administrative capital near the oil companies and the oil market. gold over the next few days.

Salah added that the company aims to invest around 1.5 billion pounds in the second half of this year, noting that the company plans to offer two commercial projects by the end of 2022.

Hussein Salah, President of DIG, has a long experience in the real estate sector, as he is a partner and member of the board of directors of one of the largest real estate companies which is developing 3 commercial projects in East Cairo and two , one residential and the other commercial west of Cairo.

Salah added that DIG also owns a property marketing company and a sister property development company that develops projects in West Cairo, noting that the company’s strategy in the coming period aims to grow by including new entities.

The president of “DIG” added that the current period is encouraging for investment in real estate, and this is the main reason that motivated the company to announce its expansion plan.

He pointed out that real estate has proven in all crises that it is a safe investment. With the Corona pandemic and subsequent economic crises, leading to the current global economic crisis and high prices for raw materials and building materials, real estate was the most stable investment, even though periods of calm sales passed, the property would return to its rapid recovery.


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