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Francis A. Waterman Jr. and Patrick H. Klammer sold a property in East Orchard Terrace, Adams, to Jeffrey A. Lussier for $ 32,000.

Christine A. Tietgens, Susan C. Barthe and Michael L. and William A. Lemanski sold a property at 13 Bieniek Ave., Adams, to Kyle D. Bromley and Susan C. Barthe for $ 140,000.

Thomas W. and Noella Wotkowicz sold a property at 48 Meadow St., Adams, to Sean H. Fisher for $ 218,000.

Jessica V. Stansfield sold a property at 9 Hoosac St., Adams, to Taylor and Daniel Harding for $ 181,000.


Gerald Axel and Seena Russell Axel sold a property at 65 North Egremont Road, Alford, to Scott Wilk Rubin for $ 650,000.


Cathy Coburn, formerly known as Catherine Ordner, sold a property at Captain Whitney Road, Becket, to Homebound Publications LLC for $ 24,000.

Marguerite Rizza sold a property in Valley View Road, Becket, to David R. and Sharon E. Sparkowich for $ 22,000.

David D. Wachter sold a property at 1442 Bancroft Road, Becket, to Kevin P. Jennings and Karen Mya Riemer for $ 465,000.

Jonathan M. Ferrin sold a property at 105 County Road, Becket, to Dennis and Catherine LaFlamme for $ 245,000.

John M. and Kathleen M. Rodhouse sold a property in Skyline Ridge Road, Becket, to David and Marsha Edell for $ 52,500.

Andrew Fudge sold the property at 151 Lady of the Lake Court, Becket, to Philip Christofori for $ 70,000.


Adams Ambulance Service Inc. sold a property on Route 8, Cheshire, to David T. Prime for $ 35,000.


Marie White Small, Patricia M. VanDeusen and Catherine A. Dolese sold a property at 183 Park Ave., Dalton, to Anthony J. and Alexandra B. Barone for $ 230,000.

Pierre C. Goyette Jr. sold a property at 52 Glennon Ave., Dalton, to Colin M. and Mary C. Tierney for $ 301,000.


Anthony J. Battaglia and Virginia Battaglia sold a property at 0 Lakeside Drive, Egremont, to Dean M. Monteleone and Rochea Monteleone for $ 6,644.

Enid F. Spira sold a property at 27 Town House Hill Road, Egremont, to Stewart Bartner and Claudia Bartner for $ 1,550,000.

Great Barrington

Howard W. Jacobs and Jane B. Jacobs sold a property at 1078 Main St. North, Great Barrington, to Kathy M. Shaw-Smith and David M. Smith, Trustees of Smith 2019, for $ 720,000.

Susan E. Hawkins and Adam Kerzner sold a property at 208 Pleasant St., Great Barrington, to Benjamin Peter Elliot and Cecilia Farley Turner for $ 339,000.

Edwin Roy Eisen, Elaine Eisen and E Company sold a property on Route 23, Great Barrington, to Berkshire Natural Resources Council Inc. for $ 79,000.

Linda M. Shafiroff, Trustee of Blackwater Realty Trust, sold a property at 16 Lake Ave., Great Barrington, to Thomas B. Stockbridge and Jennifer L. Stockbridge, for $ 590,000.

CMB Stockbridge Road LLC sold a property at 228 and 230 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, to 650 Aaron Management Inc. for $ 1,825,000.

Gary T. Leveille and Audrey M. Leveille sold a property at 5 Brook Lane, Great Barrington, to Mitchell Leitz for $ 399,000.


Todd M. Driscoll Realty LLC sold a property at 866 Washington Road, Hinsdale, to Meghan Driscoll for $ 300,000.


Frank S. Ostrander sold a property at 144 Balance Rock Road, Lanesborough, Jordan and Luke Elijah Lane, for $ 188,600.

Marc E. and Deanna L. Strout sold a property at 214 Summer St., Lanesborough, to Jason Carchedi for $ 250,000.


James E. and Kimberly A. Hunt sold a property at 1520 Pleasant St., Lee, to Oona C. Sellew and Joseph B. Scully III for $ 292,000.


Ian S. and Tiffany L. Roberts sold a property at 30 Westminster Road, Lenox, to Glenda J. and Ryan P. Bowen for $ 626,000.

Gary A. and Heather L. Blazejewski sold a property at 12 East New Lenox Road, Lenox, to Xiaoxiao and Peter Overton for $ 365,000.

Richard P. and Elizabeth S. Celli sold a property in Laurel Lake Road, Lenox, to Neubie Springs LLC for $ 100,000.

Robert J. and Anne T. Zuber sold a property at 11 Westminster Road, Lenox, to Neal A. Maxymillian for $ 797,500.

Michael G. Zamboni sold a property at 140 West St., Lenox, to Bassameir Edathol and Shahana Muthirikkulam for $ 420,000.


Beth M. D’Alessio sold a property at 6 West Road, Monterey, to Barrett Nicol for $ 399,000.

Dean P. Amidon Jr., Peter R. Amidon, Phillip B. Amidon and Jay S. Amidon, Trustees of Amidon Family Nominee Realty Trust, have sold a property in Sandisfield Road, Monterey, to Michael J. Fuchs and Simone M. Fuchs , $ 255,000.

New Marlborough

Helga U. Shepard, Suzanne Fields, Lenore J. Shepard and Glenn M. Shepard sold a property at 0 Mill River Great Barrington Road, Lot 2, New Marlborough, and Lake Buel Road, Lot 2, Great Barrington, to Charles Harrison, $ 147,500.

North Adams

John T. Croisier sold a property at 23 Hall St., North Adams, to Charlene R. Gardner for $ 70,000.

Brian J. Intraversato, director of Preeminent Realty Asset and Equity Trust, sold a property at 297 Eagle St., North Adams, to Real Estate Investments Northeast LLC for $ 40,000.

Neil A. and Susan M. Segala sold a property at Massachusetts Avenue, North Adams, to Tracy Secord for $ 33,000.

Christopher F. Jacques and Cathleen M. Beke sold a property at 41 Johnson St., North Adams, to McKenzie Hebert for $ 150,000.

Jodi M. Joseph sold a property at 28-30 Frederick St., North Adams, to Beau Anthony and Timothy Lloyd Barela for $ 162,000.


William S. and Janet I. Dow sold a property on Route 8, Otis, to Samuel R. Elander Jr. and Sherry A. Elander for $ 65,000.

David M. Columb and Patricia Anne Larson, formerly known as Patricia Anne Masulli, Trustees of Barclay Hudson Berg Sr. and Bertha Lillian Berg RVT, sold the Route 8 property, Otis, to William T. and Diane Purchase , $ 55,000.


Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini and Kirt Laforest sold a property at 210-212 Springside Ave., Pittsfield, to Margaret Ewing Lloyd for $ 192,500.

Kelly J. Holmes, formerly known as Kelly J. Delphia, sold a property at 23 Bromback St., Pittsfield, to June Marie Bromback and Jane Angermeier for $ 207,000.

Peter Economys sold a property at 40 Darlene Ave., Pittsfield, to Kelly J. and Arthur L. Holmes for $ 341,000.

Kenneth E. Duncan sold the property at 135-137 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Maria I. Rodriguez for $ 149,000.

Lee M. and Marcia L. Albert sold a property at 172 Karen Drive, Pittsfield, to Paul Proshan and Ann M. Norton-Proshan for $ 400,000.

Shree Swaminarayan Inc sold a property at 970 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Ruby View Management LLC, for $ 290,000.

Todd M. Driscoll Realty LLC sold a property at 1605 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Jacob Driscoll for $ 200,000.

Mitchell A. Gladu and Kathryn V. Gladu, formerly Kathryn V. Koziara, sold a property at 335 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, to Hitan M. Patel and Arpita Hitan Patel for $ 240,000.

William D. Cawley, Personal Representative. from the estate of Dorothy Irene Cawley, sold a property at 48 Churchill Crest, Pittsfield, to John Kennedy and Jennifer L. Kelly, for $ 179,900.

Wells Fargo Bank NA sold a property at 38 Winter St., Pittsfield, to Patrick Declan Enright for $ 58,100.

Doris O. Eramo sold a property at 66 Auburn St., Pittsfield, to Ian S. and Tiffany L. Roberts for $ 300,000.

Janet M. Johnson sold a property at 262 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield, to 219WMR LLC for $ 225,000.

Anthony J. Sinico Jr. sold a property at 51 Nottingham Drive, Pittsfield, to John M. Baker for $ 257,500.


Craig A. and Kim M. Gordnier sold a property at 2755 State Road, Richmond, to Syed Ashuar Quaseem for $ 290,000.

Sally Benedict Chavarry, personal representative. from the Estate of David A. Reynolds, sold properties at 73 Rossiter Road and Rossiter Road, Richmond, to Stuart D. and Shari Sirkin Kaplan for $ 405,000.


Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold a property at Norfolk Road, Lot 3-5, Sandisfield, to Richard R. Andrighetti and Carol A. Andrighetti for $ 35,000.

Kenneth P. Johnson and Shelli D. Johnson sold the property at 14 Highland Way, Otis Wood Lands, Lot 92, Sandisfield, to Jeffrey Long and Deborah Long for $ 245,000.

Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold a property at Norfolk Road, Lots 3-1 and 3-2, Sandisfield, to Ronald Hugh Baker and Aki Hirata Baker. $ 99,800.

Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold a property at Norfolk Road, Sandisfield, to South Sandisfield LLC, for $ 265,000.


Jennifer Sexton, Leon Greenberg, Jeremy Flatow, Jennifer Flatow, Jonathan Flatow and Sheffield Partners LLP, sold the property at 121 Hickey Hill Road, Sheffield, to Jeffrey Whitston and Alla Whitston for $ 1,090,000.

Deborah D. Cook sold a property at 48 School Street, Sheffield, to Keslie Lewis for $ 164,000.

Stewart Bartner and Claudia Bartner sold a property at 710 Bow Wow Road, Sheffield, to Michael Edwards and Anna Edwards for $ 799,000.

Stock Bridge

Jennifer M. Lindsay sold a property at 38 Church St., Stockbridge, to William J. Sheridan III and Eva Sheridan for $ 750,000.

Leonard Snyderman sold the property at 94 East Main St., Stockbridge, to Francis Vincent and Kimberly Kay Towey for $ 150,000.

Petite Maison LLC sold a property at 9 Mahkeenac Heights Road, Stockbridge, Baruch and Rose Sachs for $ 360,100.

Weston and Ann Hicks sold a property at 17 Mahkeenac Terrace, Stockbridge, to David and Ruth Epstein for $ 3,600,000.

West Stock Bridge

Sandra J. Kleiner formerly known as Sandra L. Kleiner, Richard W. Jennings, Thomas E. Jennings and Rosalie Snyder have sold a property at 7 Long Pond Road, West Stockbridge, to Steven M. Lozyniak and Kathleen K. Quinlan , $ 320,000.


Annaly Babb-Guerra and Cesar Guerra sold a property at 25 Sunset Drive, Williamstown, to Brian Seirup and Letizia Alvisi-Seirup for $ 315,000.

Andreas and Doris M. Karampatsos sold a property at 61 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to Stella Giannaris for $ 200,000.

Christopher R. and Nicholas A. Holt sold a property in Cold Spring Road, Williamstown, to Brian C. and Robin P. Kelleher for $ 18,000.


Todd J. Pelkey, Personal Representative. from the estate of Donald E. Pelkey, sold a property at 1153 Cheshire Road, Windsor, to Irene Peirano and Aaron Peirano Garrison for $ 170,000.

FT – Family Trust

LLC – Limited Partnership

LT – Lifetime Trust

NT – Nominee Trust

RET – Real estate trust

RT – Real estate trust

RVT – Revocable trust

Real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Deeds Register offices.


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