6 reasons not to move to Florida, according to a Floridian

  • Michael Bordenaro has been a Florida real estate agent for 12 years and says residential turnover is high.
  • Residents are often surprised – and disheartened – by high housing costs, weather, traffic, etc.
  • He described six reasons Sunshine State boomerangs are being sent back to their hometowns.

Twelve years ago, Michael Bordenaro moved to South Florida and has never looked back.

But the Miami Beach real estate agent told Insider that between 40% and 50% of his buyers turn around and leave Florida just a few years after moving there. More transplants are disappointed with the local way of life than you might think, added Bordenaro, a 34-year-old from Illinois.

“So many people come for a week or two on vacation, and they think their life is going to be like this everyday,” he said.

But it’s not just Disney and the beach, Bordenaro warns. Newcomers often fail to consider important factors before making the leap, he added, from searing heat to abysmal wages.

His words of warning, which he also captures on video for 22,000 Youtube subscribers, come as hordes weary of the pandemic flocked to Florida. The state’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research reported that nearly 330,000 new residents moved to the Sunshine State between April 2020 and April 2021.

Bordenaro told Insider the biggest red flags people should know about before loading their U-hauls.

Severe weather

Florida transplants often don’t anticipate how severe hurricanes – and their property damage – can be. The state’s oppressive heat and humidity most of the year is another problem.

“People don’t expect this heat for that long,” Bordenaro said. “There’s no relief. It’s hot 24/7, seven months a year.”

Low-paying jobs

Salaries in Florida are significantly lower than in other states, angering locals and newcomers alike. “Jobs in Florida pay less than in other places for the same job,” Bordenaro said. Since Florida imposes no state income tax, he said, employers may think they can pay less for staff because workers bring home more of their wages. .

The ABC branch in Tallahassee, WXTL, named Florida one of the least affordable states in America, based on a 2019 study by JobList.com which revealed that the cost of living was more expensive than wages.

Exorbitant house prices and rents

Another tough pill to swallow is the current cost of real estate in the state, Bordenaro said. Housing in Florida is so expensive right now that “it’s a concern,” he said. “It’s a warning sign.”

Take the median selling prices of homes in Miami-Dade County, which jumped 28.7% between last summer and this summer to $ 500,000, according to the Miami Herald. Price growth is fueled by millennial snowbirds, remote workers and retirees, who are moving south and break Florida real estate records.

Michael bordenaro

Bordenaro says some locals are not friendly with newcomers.

Courtesy of Lisi and Michael Bordenaro

The looming climate crisis

The rising tides of the state are also a real threat.

“Most of Florida is not much higher than sea level,” he said. “In 30 years you may not be able to live in your place, whether you are trying to retire or start a new life.”

As a result, insurance premiums on Florida property should increase.


Congestion on major arteries gets pretty severe, Bordenaro said, especially during rush hours. “It’s getting overcrowded,” he added.

Hostile neighbors

Bordenaro said some native Floridians and longtime residents fear that transplants from major subways – especially blue states like California and New York – will stereotype Florida of those places. These NIMBYs fear that newcomers will introduce problems in big cities like traffic or push local politics to the left.

It’s a more common problem in small towns than in places like Miami, he added, but it’s still a problem for people who migrate south from Manhattan or San Francisco and expect to fit perfectly into communities which may prove to be unresponsive.

“Depending on where you’re from, it can be difficult to befriend the locals,” Bordenaro said.

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