10 Ways To Create Killer Real Estate Marketing Content


How did real estate agents get clients in 2020? About 83% of them got clients through referrals, while 44% got new clients through social media.

That’s why more and more agents are devoting more time and energy to social media. It’s a priority over email and paid advertising.

The problem most agents face on a regular basis is knowing what to post. Real estate marketing content doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you have a horrible case of writer’s block.

Read on for ways to keep the content marketing machine running, no matter what.

1. Your audience

Who are your ideal clients? Do you know what they expect from a real estate agent? You need to create an avatar of your ideal customer.

An avatar is a fictional character who matches your ideal customer. It reviews their desires, challenges and demographics.

You can use this avatar for search engine optimization. Get to know the search terms your clients use to find real estate information. Create content around these search terms to drive organic traffic to your website.

A good example of content marketing is this marketing project. The goal of a new apartment development was affordable luxury. The brand and the messages were created around this theme to target young professionals.

2. Create a calendar

You will need to create a real estate marketing content calendar. This is where you decide what to create and when.

Take a look at your content marketing calendar. Does that give you 100 things to do in a week? Take a step back and simplify your schedule.

You have to give yourself a chance to be successful. The best way to do this is to create a schedule that you know you can do consistently.

3. Use different types of content

You can mix the different types of content. Someday you can do a video presentation of a new ad. Another day you can create a blog post for first time home buyers.

It keeps the content up to date and you can post content to different places. You can create a video for social media, transcribe it, and turn it into a blog post.

This makes the process of creating content easier than constantly generating new content.

4. Always have a call to action

Content marketing is a great way to educate people about your real estate work. You can post a ton of content, but no one is contacting you.

It’s because you have to tell people to take the next step. Tell readers to join your mailing list, to contact you for a home appraisal or a consultation.

Every piece of content should have some kind of call to action. Miss this step and you miss an opportunity.

5. Be consistent

Is it hard to be consistent when you spend 80 hours a week working? It’s very difficult.

Consistency is what gets results. Social media algorithms put your content first if you post regularly. People are more likely to remember your brand.

6. Tell stories

What are the main challenges for your customers? Tell stories about these challenges and how you found a solution for them.

If you are working with contractors, one of the challenges is finding a lender to approve a home loan. You can tell a great story about a client you’ve helped get into their dream home.

Talk about how you used one of the lenders on your team, strategized, and found the perfect home for the client.

7. Educate clients

A great way to show off your real estate knowledge is to be helpful. Inform them of market trends and give them advice if they buy or sell.

Be careful not to lecture clients, but be bossy. People want to be informed, not lectured.

8. Get local

What are the good things to experience in the area you serve? Are there things to do that are unique? What are the best restaurants in the area?

You can answer these questions by giving your content creation a local dimension. Highlight some of the things that are amazing in your area. You can reach someone who wants to settle in the area through sharing on social media.

It’s a great way to introduce other businesses in your area. You can develop co-marketing partnerships where they also share your content.

9. Track what’s working

By posting regularly for a period of time, you will learn over time what marketing content works best. Make sure to check organic traffic, share on social media, and post comments for your posts.

Don’t make the mistake of trying content marketing for two weeks and then giving up. Content takes time to see real results.

10. Have fun!

Content is one of the things realtors struggle with. They know it’s necessary, but don’t want to invest the time and energy in creating content.

Approach it like it’s an opportunity to connect with people. You can share yourself, your adventures and the things that enlighten you. You share your expertise, which makes you accessible.

Make sure to follow up with people who interact with your posts. Respond to their comments and message them directly thanking them for their support.

Real estate marketing content that helps your business

Let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t be on social media if you didn’t have to promote your business. This makes it difficult to create content on a regular basis.

Follow the advice in this article and you will always have real estate marketing content to publish. Remember to be helpful and show your audience that you are approachable and an expert in your field.

Do you want more advice to develop your real estate activity? Don’t forget to visit the Business section of this site.


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